Singh Kernel

Not the best but still fits your useage.

Dowload Latest Version for X00T

Asus Max Pro M1



Features of Singh

  • Up to date with linux upstream.
  • Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS).
  • Smooth User experience.
  • A well optimised oc on both cluster.
  • Spectrum Support.
  • backlight dimmer option.
  • Boeffla Wakelock Blocker.
  • KCAL color control.
  • KSM (off by default).
  • Charging flags to push charging rate.
  • Simple GPU Algorithm.
  • Adrenoboost(off by default).
  • Adreno idler: (active by default).
  • F2fs support.
  • Better ram management.
  • Klapse (kernel level night light)
  • TTL fixation
  • Sound control(earpice,mic,headfone gain)
  • Tones of logging disabled.
  • About Developer